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Helping every child reach their true potential!

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We inspire and motivate our students

Most students have a "story" they tell themselves that limit their ability to grow.

Our three-step method to success

Tell us your story

Tell us why you're unable to achieve your goals? What is preventing you from succeeding?

King Education

We unpack your story and develop your own personalised learning plan! See growth in only 2 weeks.


Reach your potential and excel.

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Our mission is to help every child reach their true potential. We are not just a "tutoring company", we're much more than that - we inspire, motivate and ensure your child is successful AND happy. 

We provide home and online tutoring, all across Sydney! We specialise in 1:1 learning, which means that unlike traditional tutoring, we focus purely only on you. 

We're not just about the marks, we're about developing fundamentals and ensuring your child is happier, confident and able to reach their true potential.

Don't compromise your child's education - choose King Education

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